Student Support

The SpLD service supports students, parents and educators.

Parents of children with dyslexia are invited to contact dyslexia specialists for a consultation and discuss specific concerns. Naturally, both parents and students can request practical advice. If needed, parents and learners are encouraged to book an online / face-to-face session with a SpLD team member during which any topic related to spelling, reading, writing or organisation can be discussed. This is an opportunity which should help to enable students to develop more confidence and increase the building of skills.

Educators wishing to avail themselves of SpLD services particularly in relation to dyslexia friendly measures are encouraged to contact the SpLD Service.


    Education Helpline

    Kellimni.Com is an online support service run by trained staff and volunteers for Maltese people or other people who are currently living in Malta who feel the need to open up about what they have been going through


    If you have special needs, questions about support services or you live alone and you need to talk, phone us.


    The Fidem Charity Foundation has set up a helpline operating every day from 09:00 to 19:00. The helpline is there to support anyone experiencing mental wellbeing or legal concerns due to the impact of COVID-19 on their everyday lives.

    YOUSAFE Malta

    ouSafe Page is linked to 68 Facebook Groups, one for each Local Council, managed and moderated independently by the respective Local Council team.

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