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A committed follower of eskola sent in an excellent suggestion to complement materials on eskola: Do visit Khan Academy! https://www.khanacademy.org The online tools, video lessons and practice exercises for students, apart from the materials for educators certainly offer further help for anyone, anywhere. Every child on the face of this earth deserves the chance to learn!

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Eskola is an initiative by the Ministry for Education. It is an easy way for parents, guardians and students alike to find appropriate lessons presented in an easy user-friendly manner. This platform is Malta’s main online education resource. The head of School is Dr Marcel De Gabriele who can be contacted at [email protected]

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The Education Department within the Ministry for Education has several job opportunities open for people with different skills, job types and experience levels. Join the education team, our students need you!

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Welcome from the Head of School

A very warm welcome to all our thousands of students from around the globe!

We are excited to have you as a part of our online community. Welcome to a new adventure. Eskola offers you endless possibilities. This educational platform values and appreciates every one of you.

We are sure that you are ready for an exciting journey of learning and growth on this platform which is fun, engaging and rewarding. This is the site where you can explore your interests and discover your passions taking advantage of all the resources available to you. Here you can learn at your own pace and you can study about any topic. You can spend a few minutes or a few hours with us daily or even every now and then. There is no limit to what you can do and achieve!

Please keep in direct contact with us. We are here at your service. Feel free to share any feedback on [email protected] at any time. Eskola can offer you exactly what you want and require only if you are fully involved in this community! With your thoughts and ideas we can strive to continually revamp, upgrade and improve this platform. Everyone has great potential, our wish is to help you think critically, learn actively and grow.

You are the important cog that actually makes all the difference.

Wish you the best.

Dr  Marcel  De Gabriele
Head of School
Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research & Innovation – Malta.

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A section where students can find information on how to use eskola.edu.mt together with some resources they can use.

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A section where parents can find information on anything related to education. News, Calendars, Subject Information etc.

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A section where educators can find resources to help them prepare their lessons and other material for their students.

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eskola.edu.mt was built to help parents, guardians, students and educators to easily find distance learning resources and lessons. Below you will find all the Video resources available to help you use eskola.edu.mt

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